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Webmasters or organisation administrators:

Our aim is to develop a comprehenive / complete directory of websites and organisations in New Zealand involved with wild or domestic animals.

If you work for, or manage an animal or wildlife related activity, please check if your group is listed in our directory. Please contact us on our facebook page to update us of a new addition, or changes to your listing.

Please check our directory for the services that other groups have used, & examples of how this information is shown/displayed.

If your group/organisation has multiple locations, we can include a listing for each of your loctions, and group them. Check the Petstock listings for examples on grouping.

Last updated: This is when the information for the organisation has changed, or was added to our records.
Last reviewed: This is the date the information was last reviewed (whether changed or not).

Page updated: 9th October 2016

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